Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I do as an Uncle

I have been slacking on the blogging but not much to really blog about except well, Wimbeldon is on right and Federer is playing awesome. I love not really working cause I can watch all the matches, PTL for the Tennis Channel and ESPN2.
I did run a relay race last week, the Ragnar Wasatch back. It was a last minute decision as my friend Dixie and her family had a spot open up. It was 188 miles in length, 11 teammates and 3 different legs. I loved it and am looking at running one in September down in southern Utah - that is if I am still on the continent.

Other than that I have just been enjoying being an uncle and playing with my niece and nephew. The other night she was painting her nails and well she just loved doing it so much that I offered to let her paint mine. I know, I did say that I offered, but again, the things you do. That was three days ago and with no nail polish remover in the house, I have been sporint glittery green toe nails. I completely forgot about them the other night and went down to Albertsons to buy some groceries. I wore flip flops and now I can understand why some punk high school kids snickered as I walked past them. But you know what, I will wear this colour proudly until I find the remover cause Taylor truly did a fantastic job!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Utah for Now

I have been in Utah now for a week. My sister from Canada and three of her four kids are here visiting and we have been having a blast. The weather has been pretty crumby so rock band, movies, games and eating have helped us through the days. We have been able to hit the Hoogle Zoo in Salt Lake. I was really anticipating Jesse jumping into one of the animal cages but instead he just disappeared on us for a few minutes - we all know that feeling of misplacing a child dont' we. Meg and the kids leave tomorrow, it will be sad to see them go but, yes there is a but. The kid total will go from 7 down to 4, woohoo!
I am going to be here in Utah with my my other sister and her family for the summer. I do plan on starting my online audiology classes through Utah State at the end of August. I also am looking into teaching english in South Korea. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will know what is available. That will be a year contract and just be perfect for when I plan on grad school. I am looking into the University of Utah and Arizona State University. For the summer I plan on hiking, playing with my niece and nephew, seeing old friends and dreading the GRE, but I need to get that checked of the list!
I am pretty excited for what the next few months will bring!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Would of Thunk?

How many of us still have a good friend from your freshman year of university? When I say good friend, I mean, one of your best friends; i.e., you stay in touch monthly, you roadtrip/backpack together, invite them to your family shin-digs? 10 years ago I attended BYU-Hawaii and had a blast. While there I made some awesome friends, some whom I still keep in touch with, thanks to facebook. Others I see from time to time and a few that we get together when ever we are in town.
One of my best friends in my life right now comes from my freshman year. Dixie and I met and have been the best of buddies ever since. I am so happy that she is here for my last week in New York. I have some other friends coming too and have all my friends here in the city, but its good to have that person that knows you so well and will always be there for ya! Here are a few flashbacks to our adventures (I wish I had freshman photos and other pics too)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Federer Victorious!

Some of you might know that besides loving to travel I really love tennis. There are the 4 major tournaments in tennis known as the "grand slams". It has always been my dream to attend one of these and last summer I got to go to the US Open here in NYC. I got to see my favourite player Roger Federer play, he is brillant! For those of you who follow tennis (which I feel will be a few), he is down in a lull, or he was until yesterday he he beat his nemesis, Rafa Nadal. What makes it even sweeter is that it was on Nadal's home turf, in Spain on red clay. Nadal had won 44 matches straight, but that is no longer. The next grand slam starts this coming Sunday in Paris, Roland Garros. Rogers win is such a huge boost to his confidence and I am hoping that he takes it to Nadal!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yankees and Gaga

I have been slacking on writing about last weekends adventures. Russell, Natasha, Chelseanne and I went to the Yankees game. It was the first of the season for me and the first time in the new stadium. It had been raining on and off and we were hoping that the skies would hold the rain for a few hours. We entered the 110 subway stopped when it was pouring and when we arrived in the Bronx it was all clear. The stadium rocked! We were sitting in the bleacher seats and they were awesome! You can't beat $12 tickets!!! The Yankees rocked the first inning and went up 4-0. It was great until the 6th inning when it started raining and the Angels when up 6-4 and then in the 7th up 9-4! To say the least, we were not excited. Then Chelseannes prayer was answered -- the Yankees started their comeback in the 8th inning! It was 9-7 or 8, (can't remember) in the bottom of the 9th and then Cano got up with the bases loaded, yes, bases loaded and no outs! Cano singled and the Yankees ended up winning 10-9, AMAZING!!!!

One would think that the Yankees comeback game would be enough for a while but Lady Gaga was in town and Russell and I had tickets to her show. Love Lady Gaga and her show was awesome. We went to Terminal 5 for the show which is located on 12th Ave and 56th street. We met up with two other girls from our ward and we enjoyed "people watching". Liatards and make-up were all the rage. One of my favourite quotes from the night "girl, if I weren't a homosexual I would make out with you, and you, and you -- You are all FABULOUS!" We got prime seats in the venue and enjoyed the three warm up bands, one of which had a lead singer (a he) who wore high heels and fish net stalkings -- welcome to NEW YORK CITY! Lady Gaga was an awesome entertainer. Her get-ups and props were awesome. Her her "storm trooper boustier" made us laugh throughout the show. Here she is in her bubble dress, which at first we thought she might be in the nude but she had a skin tone liatard underneath. The weekend was great and I look forward to the next few weekends here as I cross things off my list and as friends come into town to visit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Favourites Are......

Once again it is coming down to the final week for all my favourite reality t.v. shows, or well most of them (Survivour is still going). I wanted to just mention who I am rooting for.

First up, America's Next Top Model (ANTM)

I am just smitten by Allison, she is so odd and quirky that she has what it takes to win, except for that dreadful walk, OUCH! Ms. Jay is not pleased with her abilities but she takes such stunning shots you just have to love her. Literally you want to put her in your pocket and take her home.

Aminat has that swagger that makes us men go week in the knees (you know what I mean if you saw her salsa last night). She has got the pure chocolaty skin that as my mama said "once you go black, you ain't never go back" She needs to watch the lighting as Tyra and Nigel have told her all competition.

Predator, I mean Teyona, has somehow made it into the top three. Personally I preferred oldmaid Celia but Tyra and I didn't see eye to eye. This shady lady is confident and has a rockin' bod, but she lacks coordination and acting skills. The Cover Girl commercial will be the death to her, AMEN!


Margie and Luke
Love the deaf kid and his mom -- he can sign some nasty words!

Asian Flava
I wasn't a big fan at first but they have grown on me, like moss on rock!

Red Head @#$^!!
They have got tempers but they might be the first female duo to win, unlike my beauty pageant ladies a few seasons back.




ANNIE aka Hitler according to Joan

If we thought Omarosa and Pierce were bad, well they have nothing on these two ladies. It wouldn't surprise me if Joan tried to knock off Annie during the task.

Enjoy all of this starting Sunday, long live reality TV!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Morning Picker-Upper

I love this ANTM beauty, I laugh at this clip everytime I see it.