Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I do as an Uncle

I have been slacking on the blogging but not much to really blog about except well, Wimbeldon is on right and Federer is playing awesome. I love not really working cause I can watch all the matches, PTL for the Tennis Channel and ESPN2.
I did run a relay race last week, the Ragnar Wasatch back. It was a last minute decision as my friend Dixie and her family had a spot open up. It was 188 miles in length, 11 teammates and 3 different legs. I loved it and am looking at running one in September down in southern Utah - that is if I am still on the continent.

Other than that I have just been enjoying being an uncle and playing with my niece and nephew. The other night she was painting her nails and well she just loved doing it so much that I offered to let her paint mine. I know, I did say that I offered, but again, the things you do. That was three days ago and with no nail polish remover in the house, I have been sporint glittery green toe nails. I completely forgot about them the other night and went down to Albertsons to buy some groceries. I wore flip flops and now I can understand why some punk high school kids snickered as I walked past them. But you know what, I will wear this colour proudly until I find the remover cause Taylor truly did a fantastic job!

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Bev said...

You are a good uncle, lucky nieces and nephews!